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Privacy and Security of ReMBC Participants 

ReMBC's eMentoring Policies

Participants agree to these terms when they sign up for the program. Violation of these policies is grounds for dismissal.

  • Respect your eMentoring match’s opinions and experiences. Be open minded and non-judgmental. 

  • Do not create any content on the platform that is rude, discriminatory or inappropriate.

  • Commit to participating in eMentoring until you and your eMentoring match complete the program.

  • Do not provide identifying information including, but not limited to, last names, phone number, email addresses, Skype (etc.), and social media handles. 

  • Only communicate with your eMentoring match through MentorCity.

  • Respect your eMentoring match’s privacy. Do not divulge confidential information unless someone’s safety or well-being is at risk.

  • Respond to your eMentoring match within 3 days (72 hours). If you are unable to do so due to sickness, vacation, business, etc. please let your match know!

  • Contact the ReMBC staff if you’re having trouble getting ahold of your match. 

  • Contact the ReMBC staff if you experience difficulty with your eMentoring relationship, the eMentoring content, or with the MentorCity platform. 


The eMentoring staff regularly monitors all communications between mentors and mentees to ensure safety and appropriateness. Teachers will also have access to all communications sent and received by their students.

Mentors are required to pass a background check.


Personal information collected: ReMBC collects personal information for the purposes of matching mentors and mentees, program evaluation, and academic research. All data collected is only accessible by the eMentoring staff for internal use. Any data collected for academic research purposes will be anonymized prior to use and publication. 

Data storage: to comply with FIPPA standards, data are stored in Canada, on Canadian servers. It will never be shared with anyone beyond the eMentoring staff, including advertisers.


These privacy disclaimers also apply to our online platform, MentorCity. You can read their privacy policy here:  

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at

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