One-on-One Mentoring

How it works:

1. Mentors and mentees create profiles on our safe, secure, online platform MentorCity.

2. The eMentoring staff matches mentees to their mentors based on their profiles. We match pairs based on things they have in common.


3. Mentor-menteee discussions are structured around 12 themed modules, called "Conversations",

each with:

  • Anchor text: background information about the module topic.

  • Discussion prompts: to promote critical thinking and active learning.

  • Extension Activities: practical applications of the module concepts that teachers can view and evaluate.

  • Click here to take a peek at our curriculum.


4. Discussions happen via asynchronous messaging, done exclusively through our online platform.

  • Conversations are not live, so pairs can send messages whenever they want. No need to schedule meetings.

  • Mentors must respond within 3 days.


Our online one-on-one mentoring program is safe and secure.

  • Conversations are regularly monitored by the eMentoring staff.

  • Participants are not allowed to communicate outside the online platform.

  • We prohibit sharing of personal information, including email, social media handles, phone numbers.

  • Our mentors complete a rigorous application process, which includes a background check and training--so your students are in good hands!

  • We will contact you if there is anything to be concerned about with your students, including inappropriate behaviour, mental health problems, illegal activities, abuse or neglect, bullying, abusive relationships, etc.

  • Our online platform provider, MentorCity, is a Canadian company:

    • All servers are located in Canada

    • They do not rely on ad revenue, and do not sell their members' data to third parties.

    • Read their privacy policy here.

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Monitor your students' progress:

  • View your students' progress directly through our online platform:

    • See all the messages your students and their mentors send​.

    • See which modules your students have completed.

    • Download Extension Activities to grade.


Explore our online platform: 

Contact us for exclusive access to ReMBC's test mentee account: view the entire curriculum, explore the platform, and experience what your students will see.

How to participate:


YOU choose the length of the program.

Choose the number of modules to complete based on YOUR timeline. 

  • Choose which modules to complete, and the order in which to work on the modules.

  • We recommend working on the program at least twice a week (1-3 hours per week).

One module takes around 10 hours to complete. Choose:​

  • 2-3 modules per academic "Quarter" (10 weeks)

  • 6 modules per academic semester (half a school year)

  • One school year for the entire curriculum

  • Anything in between!

eMentoring for teachers and schools: 

Students can participate voluntarily, on their own time, or you can make participation mandatory.

eMentoring's one-on-one mentoring is flexible. Contact us to create a personalized plan, or check out how other schools have used us below: 

  • Recruit student who you think would be interested.

    • You know your students best, so you know who would benefit most from the program.

    • We support at-risk students, valedictorians and everyone in between!

  • Make eMentoring part of your class.

    • Use eMentoring for course credit. Our curriculum complements Career Life Education and Career Life Connection learning standards.

    • Choose the conversations and extension activities that best suit your class. 

    • Allocate class or homework time to eMentoring, we recommend at least twice a week.

  • Tell your students about the opportunity, and have them sign up on our website. Feel free to print out and post our flyer,  send your students home with our student information guide, show our promo video, or contact us for a blurb to post on social media.

To register:

  • Please fill out our registration form

  • Send us a list of your students' names and emails

  • Email the above items to 

  • That's it! Someone will be in contact shortly to confirm your information.

Parents: Contact us to sign up your student. We will require your student's name and email to sign them up. You will be our contact person regarding your student's progress, behaviour and activity.