What to expect as an eMentor

How it works:

Summary: The program takes place on ReMBC’s online platform, MentorCity. Through MentorCity, you and your mentee will send messages to each other as you work through a semi-structured curriculum. The curriculum is structured as a series of Conversations, and you and your mentee choose which Conversations to complete. Each Conversation consists of anchor text with articles, videos, or activities for you and your mentee to discuss. The Mentor Conversation Guide instructs you on how to work through each conversation. 

  1. Create a profile: Mentors and mentees create profiles on our safe, secure, online platform MentorCity.

  2. Get matched to your mentee: The eMentoring staff matches mentees to their mentors based on their profiles. We match pairs based on things they have in common.

  3. Start the Conversation: Once you're matched you can start talking to your mentee, and working through the curriculum.

    • The curriculum helps you and your mentee focus your discussions.

      • The curriculum is structured as a series of Conversations.

      • You and your mentee choose which Conversations to complete. 

      • Each conversation includes discussion questions, along with videos, articles or activities.

    • Secure messaging: You and your mentee will discuss each topic by sending messages to each other exclusively through our online platform.

      • Conversations are not live, so you can send messages whenever you want, but you must respond to your mentee within 3 days. 

  4. Build a relationship: Share your experiences, provide encouragement, and support your mentee. 

Who are the mentees?

  • Mentees are rural high school students in BC.

  • Most mentees participate through their schools, either as part of a class, or voluntarily on their own time.

    • Some mentees are super keen, and will send you lots of messages​

    • Other mentees need a little encouragement, or have a hard time finding time for eMentoring.

  • Help students find their way to post secondary and learn how to be an adult!​