How eMentoring Works

1. All mentees and mentors create profiles on our safe, secure, online platform MentorCity.

  • Your mentor is a student in post secondary in BC. All mentors are volunteers--they WANT to help you succeed! Many join because they wish they had a mentor when they were in your shoes, or they had a great mentor and want to pay if forward. 

2. The eMentoring staff will match you to your mentor based on stuff you have in common.


3. Choose from a variety of topics, called "conversations", to discuss with your mentor.


  • Choose the conversations that interest you.

  • Each conversation includes discussion questions, along with videos, articles or activities.

  • You can also complete extension activities without your mentor. 

  • Check out our curriculum map for more info.


4. You and your mentor will communicate by sending messages to each other through our online platform.

  • Conversations are not live, so you can send messages whenever you want.

  • Your mentor will respond within 3 days. They will share their own experiences, and provide encouragement, and support. 

Want more information?

Contact us if you have any questions, or if you want to sign up.