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ReMBC hosts a variety of events throughout the year. All are free to attend, and you don't have to be a part of the program to join!

Keep scrolling to see our upcoming and past events.


Rural Healthcare Career Extravaganza!

Free event for high school and post-secondary students interested in rural healthcare


Date/time: April 13th, 5:00 - 8:00pm (Pacific Time Zone)

Location: online on ReMBC's space

Cost: Free!


Description: Get career advice, learn about different healthcare careers, talk to older students and rural healthcare professionals.



  • Hear from a panel of students in health science programs who come from rural BC. This panel will cover:

    • How to discover your different healthcare career options

    • What you can do NOW to be a competitive applicant for a health science program, and how you can leverage your rural background

    • What college/university is like

    • Transitioning to school in the big city

    • General advice, tips and tricks for getting into school and succeeding

  • Hear from a panel of rural healthcare professionals. Discover:

    • Whether working in a rural community is right for you

    • A day in the life: What to expect from different careers in rural healthcare

    • How to achieve a career as a rural healthcare worker: what kinds of experience and schooling will you need?

    • General advice, tips and tricks for getting your first job in rural healthcare


  • Mix and mingle with:

    • Health science students from rural BC

    • Rural healthcare professionals

    • Representatives from colleges and university health science programs

    • Representatives from professional development programs


  • Play games and win prizes!

Schedule (all times are Pacific Time Zone):

5-6pm: Panel of students in health science programs

6-6:30pm: Mix and mingle

6:30-7:30pm: Panel of rural healthcare professionals

7:30-8pm: Mix and mingle


Meet Your Mentor - Live!

Meet your mentor - live!


High school students: virtually mingle with our post-secondary student mentors, and ask them questions about life after high school graduation.

Current ReMBC mentees: meet up with your mentor and video chat at this event! Even if your mentor isn't available, you'll still be able to meet other mentors who can answer your questions and give you advice.

Event Details:

When: March 7th from 5-7pm (Pacific Time Zone)

Where: online on ReMBC's space

Cost: Free!



You can just mingle, or join some group activities (these are all totally optional!):

  • 5pm - Meet and greet, icebreaker game

  • 5:45pm - Q&A with our college/university student mentors

  • Game room: play Set,, Top 4 or GuessMe with your mentor, or make some new friends and play with them.

  • Drop-in "Advice" room: bring all your questions about careers, college/university and "adulting". You can also bring things like your resume or scholarship applications for one of our mentors to look over.

Rural Healthcare Careers Event

Past Events

Past Events

Meet your mentor - live!

High school students: virtually mingle with our post-secondary student mentors, and ask them questions about life after high school graduation.

Current ReMBC mentees: talk to your mentor and see if you can attend the same session. You'll be able to video chat with them live!

We're hosting two sessions: you don't have to attend the whole session, and you can attend both if you wish. 

January 12th: 4-5:30pm (Pacific Time Zone)

January 16th: 8:30-9:30pm (Pacific Time Zone)

Sign up here (for free):

ReMBC Presents:

So you want to apply to post-secondary?

Event for students applying to post-secondary:

  • Date/time: Sunday Nov 13th, 10am - noon (Vancouver time)

  • Location: online (Gather)

  • Cost: Free!

  • Register here

  • Description: Learn what the application process is really like from current college and university students.

    • Panel discussions with current post-secondary students

    • Admissions representatives from BC schools

    • Prizes, games and more


Meet with representatives from schools and professional development programs across BC, including:

  • Coast Mountain College

  • College of the Rockies

  • Northern Lights College

  • UBC (Vancouver and Okanagan)

  • Selkirk College 

  • Health Professions Summer Program

  • Rural eMentoring BC

  • Kootenay Association for Science and Technology (KAST)


  • 9:30-10am - check in and get familiar with our online venue, Gather Town

  • 10-noon - Exhibitors: Drop-in and meet with admissions representatives from schools and professional development programs across BC

  • 10-noon - Meet a post-secondary student: chat one-on-one with a real-life post-secondary student about their experiences in school, and with the application process. Get personalized advice and support!


Panel Discussions Schedule:

  • 10-10:25am - The Application Process: This session is all about applying to schools. It will be organized into three parts:

    • Part 1: Deciding where to apply: what factors to consider, and how many schools you should apply to.

    • Part 2: Putting together a good application: how to stand out and what to do if you're lacking in an area

    • Part 3: Staying organized and taking care of yourself during the application process. 

  • 10:40-11:05 - Paying for School: This panel will help you learn how affordable a post-secondary education can be! Panelists will answer questions about the different strategies they've used to pay for school, including: student loans, scholarships and awards, part-time work, and how to $ave money.

  • 11:20-11:45 - Post-Secondary Life: Panelists will answer questions about what post-secondary is really like. Topics will include: what classes are like, "adulting" and living on your own, moving away from home, living in residence, time management and self-care, finding friends and fun things to do, and living in residence - and what you can do NOW to prepare for all these changes!

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