Information for Educators

Teachers, principals, parents: do your students have questions about post-secondary, careers, or life after high school? A mentor can help! Sign your students up to be a mentee FOR FREE!

We have a variety of ways that educators can bring eMentoring to their students.

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Options for Educators

Promote eMentoring at your school

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One-on-one mentoring for students

Recruit students who would benefit from having a mentor.


We support at-risk students, valedictorians and everyone in between!


Feel free to post our flyer, share our informational handout with your students and their parents, show our promo video, or contact us for a blurb to post on social media.

Virtual Mentor Visits

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Invite a mentor to speak to your students:

Post-secondary students can speak to your students about their path to post-secondary, their post-secondary experiences, and career options.


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Contact us to arrange a virtual mentor visit

One-on-one Mentoring for Classes

eMentoring for CLE, CLC & Capstone

One-on-one Mentoring for Classes


Integrate eMentoring into your course.

Customize your eMentoring experience: Choose the Conversations and Extension Activities that best suit your class. Learn more about our curriculum here

eMentoring for course credit: assign Extension Activities. Extension Activities were designed as a way for teachers to assess their students' comprehension of the curriculum. Examples of Extension Activities include written reflections, research assignments, and creating a resume. We also designed our curriculum with CLE, CLC and Capstone courses in mind; click here for more information.

Provide class or homework time to eMentoring: we recommend at least twice a week.

Tools for Educators: see sample timelines to know how many modules to assign, learn about our tools for monitoring your students and connecting with their mentors, and sign-up. Click here

eMentoring for CLE, CLC & Capstone


We mapped the "Big Ideas*" in Career Life Education and Career Life Connections to our One-on-one mentoring program's curriculum modules. So, if you're trying to decide which modules to use in your careers classes, here's what we recommend. Click here to learn more about how to integrate eMentoring into your course. You can also invite a mentor to speak to your class via our Virtual Mentor Visits


CLE Big Ideas*

CLC Big Ideas*



If your students are doing career or post-secondary research for their Capstone project, we can connect them to a mentor in their desired field. 

Tools for Educators


Monitor your students with Teacher View

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View your students' progress directly through our online platform via Teacher View:


See all the messages your students and their mentors send​.


See which modules your students have completed.

View and download the Extension Activities that your students have completed.

Connect with Your Students' Mentors

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Communicate with your students' mentors through our online platform:


Communicate your timeline, expectations and keep your mentors up to date.

Mentors can use this space to ask you questions as well.

You will receive convenient email notifications when you have received a message.

Group messaging allows personal information (like email addresses) to stay private. 

Timelines &
Number of Modules

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Here's our recommended number of modules, given that students work on the program at least twice a week (1-3 hours per week).

One module takes around 10 hrs to complete. Choose:​

  • 2-3 modules per academic "Quarter" (10 weeks)

  • 4-6 modules per academic semester (18 weeks)

  • One school year for the entire curriculum

Please also allow:

  • 1 hour for students to complete their profiles

  • 1 week for the eMentoring staff to make the matches

  • 1 week for the students to meet their mentor and learn how to use the program

  • 1 week for the pairs to say goodbye

How to

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To register:

  1. Fill out our registration form, You will need to know your timeline and which modules you will require.

  2. Confirm your information with the eMentoring staff.

  3. Provide a list of your students' names and emails. Your students will receive email invitations to the program the day before they will complete their profiles.

  4. Join our platform to access the curriculum, Teacher View, and communicate with your students' mentors.