10 Reasons to sign your students up for eMentoring

  1. Students can ask questions about post secondary from someone who is living it

  2. Our mentors are not authority figures like teachers or parents, they are near peers who can relate to high school students

  3. Mentors are carefully selected and trained to provide support and encouragement to the students

  4. Pairs are matched based on compatibility, so students get personalized post secondary, career, and life advice

  5. We support ALL your students--even if they're not interested in health sciences or post secondary 

  6. Students learn to think critically and creatively about their personal experiences, passions and pursuits 

  7. Our curriculum complements the provincial Career Education learning standards 

  8. eMentoring can be implemented at your school in a variety of ways: we adapt to fit your needs

  9. Safe and secure: the eMentoring staff ensures all conversations are appropriate and that no personal information is shared

  10. Low commitment, high reward--the eMentoring staff handles all the administrative and logistical work, while your students reap the benefits